Sohana Tamami 💋 (@sohanaaa.t) August 2018

Even if I succeeded memorizing the entire Oxford dictionary, it still wouldn't be enough to find the strongest words that can truly express my love for each of you - @fariha.nowshin @eleftheriaulysses @evil_eyed_reaper @dramatic_don31 @nuzberries - All I can say is that my life would be meaningless without you people. You guys are a blessing in the form of family. I'm sorry for all that time when I throw temper tantrums at you and sometimes even create messes that you guys have to deal with. I just love you guys so fucking much. It's amazing how you guys aren't here yet you made my day full of surprises. I could have never managed to do something like this for any of you (probably). And thank you so much for this song you dedicated to me in the video - "Eastside" (but they stopped me from keeping the sound on due to copywrite policies -.-). I'll cherish every moment that I've spent with you all. :')