Sohana Tamami 💋 (@sohanaaa.t) last month

Babe, congratulations on finally getting relief. I remember how much you wanted this and you became sick thinking about getting accepted to Guelph. You are finally going to be on your own even if it's just for a while. As much as I wish you never left, I'm actually very happy for you. Waiting for the day when you'll be one of the successful women I know. You are very responsible but you have to stick to the rules I gave you. Just stay safe and miles away from trouble. You might change cause it's natural, but make sure you change for the best and not for the worst. I don't have to tell you not to replace us because I know that's something you won't ever do. I do hope and pray that you find friends there who love you and care for you the way each of us do. You'll forever be the baby sitter I never had. You have my best regards and wishes with you. I miss you. I miss you so much already. Can't wait for the next time to see you in person. Please eat properly, don't skip your meals. I don't want you to return looking like a match stick from Canada. Also, don't get bald. If you get into trouble, you know you can always rant to me/any of us. Just one knock away from you until I see you next time. ❤